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Britney Spears is a good friend of fellow performer, Fergie, and was a big fan of her solo album The Dutchess (2006). To Spears’ dismay, Fergie never released any other albums after The Dutchess and her career died. That’s why Spears invented autopsies in 2009. After performing an autopsy, Spears determined that the death of Fergie’s career was self-inflicted. Spears is pictured above helping her close friend, Linda, practice autopsy on the dearly departed career of Lil’ Mama.

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Earlier this month the Current premiered my friend Claire’s new music video for the newest single from her band Tiny Deaths. The video is really beautiful and tells a story of a love triangle between three women. Definitely zone out endlessly in a good way every time I watch this.

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Record release day is here! It really happened! 

Thanks for being so good to us. This has been the most exciting time and we are so very thankful for everyone who believes in us, even a little bit.

You can get the record directly from Topshelf, your favorite online music peddler, or your local record store! 

Buy this beautiful record made by wonderful people.

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