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My fave animal

turn down fa whet

Elephants are the sweetest animals

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jess using jeans as a pillow #rocknrollbb

from sometime fall 2013

Texas I think? I miss tour.

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We love seeing you all posting pics in your new merch! If you haven’t yet, check out our spring merch! New tees, phone cases, fashun, etc.


It may be snowing in Minneapolis but the rest of the world gets to experience spring time like planet earth intended so u should celebrate with some cool spring time Now, Now merch. How will u achieve ur farmer’s tan without a siq tee shirt? What if u drop ur phone while ur skateboarding to the beach? Better get a phone case too. Our faces, united like the tri-headed Cerberus, will safeguard your telephone against the darkest most grainy of concretes. 

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Pre-order Capes from Tancred now!


Capes, the 2011 album from Tancred (Jess Abbott of Now, Now) is finally available for pre-order on Vinyl. Pre-order the 12” here.

The vinyl will be available on May 20th, 2014, 3 years after it’s initial release Digitally. All pre-orders include an Instant Digital Download of the album.

Official Press Release

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My first release as Tancred came out three years ago, and it’s now finally available on vinyl! Go grab it.

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