I'm actually playing a show!

Oct 17, Triple Rock, Minneapolis. Playing solo. Lots of new songs. Get yr tickets!

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A Guitar Center opened in Times Square

Music is over.


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a shoe-shiner spends his morning pouring water on the town’s dirt streets so he can create mud and keep his job.  the people let him do this because if he was unemployed they would have to pay him for doing no job

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Britney Spears is a good friend of fellow performer, Fergie, and was a big fan of her solo album The Dutchess (2006). To Spears’ dismay, Fergie never released any other albums after The Dutchess and her career died. That’s why Spears invented autopsies in 2009. After performing an autopsy, Spears determined that the death of Fergie’s career was self-inflicted. Spears is pictured above helping her close friend, Linda, practice autopsy on the dearly departed career of Lil’ Mama.

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